Ahoy Mate! A Barrel O’Loot!

Captain Olivia and her Pirate pal Scooby have discovered the buried treasure! When not looting pirate ships for treats and toys, Olivia works hard as a Service Dog. She is loyal, devoted, attentive to medical needs and brings home buckets of buried treasure when she is not busy. What a good girl!

(Submitted by Abby)

About the Costume: Olivia’s costume was handmade with love by her mom and grandmaw. Olivia’s costume is lightweight and non-constricting. She is able to walk and sit in it. Olivia really enjoyed the process of creating this costume. Each time we had to tailor it to fit her body she received a small treat. She has really “grown” to love it. We started with a cardboard box, poly-fiber fill, contact paper, children’s clothes from the local GoodWill Store, a Scooby Doo doll, and lots of embellishments from JoAnne Fabrics. The entire costume had to be altered to fit Olivia and her needs to be mobile. Scooby’s arms were lengthened, clothes were cut and re-attached, and then altered again. It was an enjoyable and memorable experience my mom, Olivia and I will always have. We took it step by step and managed to not get stressed out. We just had fun creating what we feel is the funniest and cutest halloween costume of 2012.

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