Halloween party dress

The Gang’s All Here!

Porche the boxer and three little Brussels Griffons Beamer, Bentley and Duesenberg are all dressed up for their annual Halloween photo. They are so cute and coordinated, such awesome dogs! (Submitted by Diana)

pirate costume, dog costume

Ye Old First Mate!

With a bird in his cap and a hook in his hand, Tank is ready to board ship as first mate! (Submitted by Debra)

pirate dog costume

Ahoy Mate! A Barrel O’Loot!

Captain Olivia and her Pirate pal Scooby have discovered the buried treasure! When not looting pirate ships for treats and toys, Olivia works hard as a Service Dog. She is loyal, devoted, attentive to medical needs and brings home buckets of buried treasure when she is not busy. What a good girl!

(Submitted by Abby)

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Superman and Batman costumes

A Heroic Duo

Fiona and Baylee the Boston terriers look ready to fight all kinds of villains in their superhero costumes. Watch out Lex Luther and bane, these dogs know how to fight! (Submitted by Ericka)

witch halloween costume

A Teeny Tiny Witch

Cali Lollipop is ready for Halloween in her witch costume, complete with a flying broom! Let's hope she gives more treats that tricks this year. (Submitted by Karin)

i love lucy, lucile ball

I Love Lucy

Kiwi has just reminded me of my favourite Lucy skit! Too cute. (Submitted by Janet)

Casting spells

Cha Cha the witchy Chihuahua is a crafty little thing. (Submitted by Connie)