Treasue Hunter

Leo is hunting for treasure, his favourite part is digging! (Submitted by April)   Don’t forget to like, share, tweet, stumble and pin to vote for Leo for our summer contest!

Service Dog by Day…

The other reindeer by night. Hopefully she can keep her identity a secret, I don't think it goes very well for our heroes when they get found out. (Submitted by Abby)

pirate dog costume

Ahoy Mate! A Barrel O’Loot!

Captain Olivia and her Pirate pal Scooby have discovered the buried treasure! When not looting pirate ships for treats and toys, Olivia works hard as a Service Dog. She is loyal, devoted, attentive to medical needs and brings home buckets of buried treasure when she is not busy. What a good girl!

(Submitted by Abby)

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Copper and Jaiden are best friends, they even share clothes. (Submitted by Tracy)