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Dog Shaming

Remember that sweater that grandma knitted for you back in 9th grade? Then your mom made you wear it to school photo day? Then it was put in the year book and all your friends laughed at you? That's kind of how these dogs feel. This photo is the reason dogs bite their owners! He…

Ollie Aboard!

All aboard the Magic School Bus! Ollie is waiting. (Submitted by Amy)

Playing Dress-up

Riley loves to play, she especially loves playing dress up! (Submitted by Katie)

Happy Swimmer

Water Wings

Molly is as happy as her floaties! (Submitted by Emily)

Cuddle Time

Little Miss Missy is ready for her bedtime story. (Submitted by Debbie)

Howdy Partner

All Konnery needs now are opposable thumbs! (Submitted by Lisa)

We Had a Baby

Hi Everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates lately, we had a baby! He came early, it was very unexpected, but we are all doing well :) I'll be back in November. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our little boy! Keep sending pictures, we will post them all soon! xo, Vittoria.

And the Winner of Our 2013 Summer Contest is….

Jurrasic Bark!! This year's summer contest was decided by you, our fans. Charlie is the winner and fan favourite with a whopping 1K facebook shares, 1.7K likes, 1K tweets and over 200 pins and stumbles! I've been informed that the gift card is going to be donated to a dog rescue. Who knew Charlie was…