Dog Shaming

Remember that sweater that grandma knitted for you back in 9th grade? Then your mom made you wear it to school photo day? Then it was put in the year book and all your friends laughed at you? That’s kind of how these dogs feel.

This photo is the reason dogs bite their owners!

neo mastiff, bull mastiff, dog halloween costume, witch costume, dog witch costume

He does not want to admit he has a magic side, likely because most of his ‘magic’ requires the help of a dancing broom to clean up!


It’s no wonder this little guy is so sad, his shirt still has the tags on it.

bee dog costume, halloween, dog, costume, bee

Cute as a bug? How about wishing he was as small as one right now.

Maintained by Vittoria Fonte, Dogs in Duds accepts submissions from dog parents and even runs contests a few times a year. Got a few minutes — or hours — to spare? Dogs in Duds offers you pages and pages of dogs dressed in their very best, and for some, at their lowest moments ever.

baby schnauzer

The ultimate humiliation tool – doll clothes.

Dogs are always cute, even when they are being shamed, put in ridiculous costumes, or eating all of your socks! It just takes one look into those dark little eyes and you can’t help but love them all over again!

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