Top Holistic Tips for Your Dog

It is possible to prolong your dog’s life by using holistic products. Holistic dog food is a natural and healthy way to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Whether you choose a real meat or dry food diet for your dog or puppy there are a number of holistic options.

Holistic dog food products can address many issues such as weight loss problems that your dog may be experiencing. Canine holistic blends are designed for all stages of your dog’s life. Whether your dog is a puppy or senior there are a number of high quality organic options available for you.

You want to start your puppy’s life off on the right foot by feeding her high quality food.  Holistic dog food is a good way to promote proper health for your puppy. Not only will you find a number of high quality dry food and real meat options out there that use high quality organic ingredients you can also find a number of tasty treats for your puppy.

When training your puppy treats can come in very handy. Why not supply your dog with healthy treats to reward her good behaviour? A healthy raw hide bone or dental bone will simultaneously promote good health and behaviour. Raw hide bones and dental bones are great ways to keep your puppy’s teeth and gums in good condition. Have fun with your puppy by keeping her active and healthy. Feeding her the right kind of puppy food with high quality holistic ingredients is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Senior dogs in particular can benefit from real meat and other organic ingredients that will provide plenty of nutrients and address your senior dog’s needs. If your dog suffers from arthritis or joint pain then look for a holistic product with enhanced glucosamine supplements. For dogs with skin or coat problems consider an organic dog food formula with omegas and other essential fats. Senior dogs need additional nutrients to promote good eye sight and bone health so talk to your vet about holistic blends of dog food that will address these issues.

Unfortunately, as senior dogs become less active many will experience weight problems. A good weight loss formula for your dog is critical to prolonging their life. Consider using a dog feeder that is on a timer to ensure your dog gets the right amount of food at the right times throughout the day. In addition to portion control, you can also address your dog’s weight problems with a dog food that targets weight loss.

Senior dogs aren’t the only ones who may be fighting obesity. There are a number of breeds of dogs that are notorious for having weight issues. If you are concerned about your dog’s weight then talk to your veterinarian about a prescription brand of weight loss dog food.  There are a number of quality prescription dog foods that have natural ingredients. Of course combining regular exercise with a nutritious, holistic diet is the best way to combat obesity.

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