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Top Holistic Tips for Your Dog

It is possible to prolong your dog’s life by using holistic products. Holistic dog food is a natural and healthy way to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Whether you choose a real meat or dry food diet for your dog or puppy there are a number of holistic options. Holistic dog food products can address…

5 Reasons You Should Feed Your Dog Dry Food

There are many reasons why feeding your dog dry food is a good idea. In addition to the dental benefits dry dog food is often easier on your dog’s digestive system. Dry dog food is cleaner and doesn’t have the odour associated with wet food. It is usually easier to control your dog’s weight when…

Five Dog Food Secrets

When it comes to choosing the best dog food for your canine friend there are a number of principles you should follow. First, look for healthy food with quality ingredients.  Pay attention to your dog’s individual needs, which may be more suited to dry food than wet food. Use weight control methods to help your…

Do you think dogsinduds is funny or cruel?

Back in October we asked if they thought dogsinduds was cruel or funny.

71% of them said it was funny but the best part was the comments.

The choices we provided were:  A – Funny – I love pictures of dogs dressed up! or  B – Cruel – Look how sad and embarrassed these dogs are!

Hit read more to see the results and read the hilarious comments!

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