Do you think dogsinduds is funny or cruel?

Back in October we asked if they thought dogsinduds was cruel or funny.

71% of them said it was funny but the best part was the comments.

The choices we provided were:  A – Funny – I love pictures of dogs dressed up! or  B – Cruel – Look how sad and embarrassed these dogs are!

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142 votes for funny (71%) and 57 votes for cruel (29%)

Full results here – or read below:

Here are a handful of comments on the funny side:

A1. The way these dogs are dressed is hilarious!
A2. They are cute, and they don’t look like they have been mistreated.
A3. It’s really funny and cruel at the same time, although its not the actual dogs.
A4. Those pictures are cute
A5. I think it’s pretty harmless and cute.
A6. The animals aren’t being hurt by this. I don’t see the harm at all. It’s cute, adorable, and lovable. Now if someone were to start using methods to alter their dogs that would be harmful or invasive, such as piercings or tattoos, that’s a whole different matter.
A7. they look cute!
A8. As long as the dogs aren’t being tortured, I see no problem with making them look cute or silly.
A9. I think these dogs look cute in their outfits

And a handful of the “cruel” comments:

B1. Forcing an animal into clothing seems wrong. They do not look comfortable and it may desensitize certain areas of their bodies.
B2. I truly HATE people making dogs look like human beings. What is the point of a dog? Just dress up a person!
B3. I think its cruel and unecessary to treat animals this way.
B4. I felt that the dogs would be embarrassed because they were forced to wear stupid costumes.
B5. don’t can be a part of a family with out dressing them up like dolls
B6. this only works for dogs that love it
B7. I feel that it causes discomfort to the dog for the owner’s own amusement and/or encorages the owner to treat the dog as an object rather than a living thing.
B8. I prefer dogs to look like dogs
B9. I’m torn. Some of it is funny, some of it is not. I wouldn’t do that to my own pet, that’s for sure.

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