5 Reasons You Should Feed Your Dog Dry Food

There are many reasons why feeding your dog dry food is a good idea. In addition to the dental benefits dry dog food is often easier on your dog’s digestive system. Dry dog food is cleaner and doesn’t have the odour associated with wet food. It is usually easier to control your dog’s weight when you have them on dry food.

Dry dog food has many dental benefits. The dry kibble is a great way to clean your dog’s teeth. When your dog or puppy chews on the dry kibble it will naturally and easily help remove tartar and plaque build up from your dog’s teeth. It is important to have your dog’s teeth looked at annually by your veterinarian. Still, using dry dog food is a great way to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and in good shape for the annual vet check up.

There are a number of other healthy food options for your dog that can also help improve their teeth. A bone is a good way to help remove tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth. Dogs also love chewing on a good bone, which can provide hours of satisfying entertainment. Raw hide is a popular choice when it comes to dog bones and dog treats. Raw hide is a healthy food option for your dog.

Dry dog food is often easier on your dog’s digestive system than wet food. Sometimes on wet food your dog’s stools can be too soft and watery. If you are concerned that dry dog food won’t provide your dog with enough moisture and liquid you can simply add water to his kibble. There are a number of organic dry food options for your puppy or adult dog.

A great benefit to dry food is that it is easier to clean up. If you want less work when it comes to keeping your dog’s food area clean then dry food is the way to go. Kibble is much cleaner than wet food.

Another benefit to dry dog food is that the smell is not as strong as wet food, which can sometimes be over powering. If your dog’s breath smells then consider switching them from wet to dry food. There are other ways to combat your dog’s bad breath. There are a number of raw hide bones that are designed to freshen up your dog’s breath.

It is often easier to control your dog’s weight with dry food.  You will find weight control dry dog food formulas that have all the nutrients your dog needs.  When it comes to weight control, portion size is key. It is much easier to portion out dry dog food accurately. Use a measuring cup to ensure your dog gets exactly the portion that they need to either lose or maintain their weight. Talk to your vet about the right kind of healthy food for your dog. Some dry food weight control varieties are available with a prescription through your veterinarian.

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