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A Real Plush Lion

Chloe looks like a stuffed lion. It took me a second look to realize this was just a costume, too cute! (Submitted by Angela)

south korea, terrier, Tibetan Terrier, south korea

Representing South Korea

Charlie likes to wear his country's flag while he listens to some sweet K-pop.   (Submitted by Lakyn)

waldo dog costume, where's waldo books, where's waldo dog, Manchester Terrier

Where’s Waldo?

Darby and her family are much easier to find here than in a Where's Waldo book. (Submitted by Marlene)

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Go Yankees!

Cosmo just might be the littlest Yankee fan in the world. (Submitted by Leslie)

yorkie, zz top, beard, dog beard, hat

ZZ Top Dog

The Sarg dressed as his favorite band. (Submitted by Bryan)