Playing Dress-up

Riley loves to play, she especially loves playing dress up! (Submitted by Katie)

The Dogtor is in

Tazzy feeling accomplished after performing a days worth of dogtor stuff. (Submitted by Sherri) Don’t forget to like, share, tweet, stumble and pin to vote for Charlie for our summer contest!

St. Bernard costume

Flying in to Help

A fitting costume for a St. Bernard! Snowplow is wearing his stars and stripes airplane costume in honour of the men and women currently serving for the Unites States of America. (Submitted by Joan)

Golden retreiver picture

The Fairy Dogmother

Maddi will turn that pumpkin into a coach, just for you Cinderella. (Submitted by Mar)

frankenstien's monster

Happy Halloween From Rufio

Every year he seems to out do himself, this year he dressed as Frankenstein's monster. So awesome!   (Submitted by Kathryn)