Spider Dog

4 thoughts on “Spider Dog”

  1. This Dog is no basset Hound mix!! He looks exactly like my Jasper who is a LABRADASCHUND…THIS DOG IS MY DOG POINT FOR POING…same face, paws, short legs and floppity ears.. This is tooo cute.

  2. This is my dog. He is half basset, half black lab. He may seem like a dachshund but he is 65 pounds of sad eyes, huge feet turned out in a plie, howling half basset. I know this comment is from 2008 but I just now saw it, so I thought I would clarify. I’m not in denial or trying to hide his breed, that would be silly. This picture doesn’t show the rest of his body. Trust me, I wish he were half dachshund, I’ve lived with them. Can I say they are um, more petite. LD

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