Treasue Hunter

Leo is hunting for treasure, his favourite part is digging! (Submitted by April)   Don’t forget to like, share, tweet, stumble and pin to vote for Leo for our summer contest!

Our Woofstock Fans!

We had such a fantastic time at Woofstock this weekend! I think I petted over 500 dogs, it was the best! Here are some of the bandana pics that I took over the weekend. I have lots more so don't worry if your poodle isn't here, I'll be posting all week :)

Oh No! It’s Goldzilla!

Be on the look out for Doc the Labrigator! He might be terrorizing a city near you. (Submitted by Mary)  

mary poppins costume

Mary Puppins

Golden retrievers Phoenix and Aladdin are dressed as Mary Puppins and Bert, the chimney sweep. They are "practically perfect in every way"! They have gone to the roof-top to "step in time", where Bert, covered with soot, is perched on a chimney with his sweeper over his shoulder. Mary is holding on to her parrot…

Service Dog by Day…

The other reindeer by night. Hopefully she can keep her identity a secret, I don't think it goes very well for our heroes when they get found out. (Submitted by Abby)

christmas stockings

Waiting For Santa

It looks like Molly and Mojo are having a hard time staying awake, while Calvin is already looking for his nip! (Submitted by Jordan)

Golden retreiver picture

The Fairy Dogmother

Maddi will turn that pumpkin into a coach, just for you Cinderella. (Submitted by Mar)