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dog costume, 4th of july, independence day, america, usa, dogs

Two Patriotic Pups!

More stars and stripes in honor of the 4th of July. Caesar and Ralph are showing off the flag. (Submitted by Jana)

fourth of july, fireworks, BBQ, dog costume, funny dogs, funny pictures

Stars and Stripes: Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence day to my American friends! (Submitted by Kathryn)

roxy, pug, police dog, police pug, pug security guard, security guard dog costume

Pug Patrol

Deputy Roxanne reporting for duty. (Submitted by Hayley)

waldo dog costume, where's waldo books, where's waldo dog, Manchester Terrier

Where’s Waldo?

Darby and her family are much easier to find here than in a Where's Waldo book. (Submitted by Marlene)

yorkie, yankee fan, baseball, yankees, cool dog, yorkshire terrier chothes, yorkie clothes

Go Yankees!

Cosmo just might be the littlest Yankee fan in the world. (Submitted by Leslie)

hipster dog, funny, music snob, dog music snob, portland music snob

His name is Esteban Belmondo Pupillo Jordison

Being from Portland, OR, he can be a bit of a music snob.   (Submitted by Jacob)

dog, leather jacket, hat, funny, police costume

Just a Brother Under Cover

Roxie has the under cover cop look down pat! (Submitted by Tom)

rufio, neo mastif, funny, dog hair, red dog, wig, dog wig, dog glasses, silly

Sally Jesse Ruffiel

Rufio, the talk show host. Stay tuned for next week's episode featuring Justin Bieber and his alleged baby mama. (submitted by Kathryn)

CHEF GUSTAVE, SHIH TZU, RATATOUILLE, funny, cutem disney, movie, chef hat, dog chef, chef dog costume

Chef Gustave

Nicky as chef Gustave from ratatouille. Cest tres bien!   (submitted by Chiqui)