And the Winner of our First Halloween Contest and a Brand New iPad is…

OMG, this contest was SO HARD to judge. We are so so appreciative of all the entries and the effort that went into each and every single one; I wish I could have given away 10 iPads.. but we are too small for that (right now). We will be giving away 2 extra (read: awesome) mystery prizes though, for 2nd and 3rd place!

First place, bragging rights and winner of the iPad are Jana and Riley.

Our second place prize goes to Bonnie, Beth, Aladdin and Phoenix

contest winners

And, last but not least, the third place prize goes to Abby, Olivia and Scooby dooby doo!

contest winner

I will be in contact with all the winners tomorrow since my brain is tired from making decisions.

Thank you all so so much, without you dogs in duds wouldn’t be possible and all these dogs would be naked!



ps: If your picture was submitted but was not posted, do not worry, we will post every single remaining entry.



1 thought on “And the Winner of our First Halloween Contest and a Brand New iPad is…”

  1. Close but not a full cigar! Looking for something AWESOME. iPad mini will do! Even if it is used and unsealed without a box! Or iPod or iPhone unlocked or..any other APPLE product that is opened and unsealed without a box..we aren’t too picky!

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