Our Woofstock Fans!

We had such a fantastic time at Woofstock this weekend! I think I petted over 500 dogs, it was the best! Here are some of the bandana pics that I took over the weekend. I have lots more so don't worry if your poodle isn't here, I'll be posting all week :)

christmas stockings

Waiting For Santa

It looks like Molly and Mojo are having a hard time staying awake, while Calvin is already looking for his nip! (Submitted by Jordan)

reindeer dog

The Substitute

Piggy Pearl is ready to step up to the sleigh if Santa needs someone to fill in. (Submitted by Leena)

Halloween party dress

The Gang’s All Here!

Porche the boxer and three little Brussels Griffons Beamer, Bentley and Duesenberg are all dressed up for their annual Halloween photo. They are so cute and coordinated, such awesome dogs! (Submitted by Diana)

dog, boxer, america, funny, cute

Miss. America

This is Rudy, her talents include rolling over and fetch! (Submitted by Amy)

dog in hooters shirt, dog, hooters, thong, dog underwear

This is Tyson

He likes Hooters restaurant.   (Submitted by Amy and Matt)

Santa Paws

Maggie's favorite part of Christmas is the milk and cookies that the good puppies leave for him :)