Labs are so Mainstream

Congo is considering changing his breed, you know, to something you've probably never heard of. (Submitted by Paula)

national geographic green eyed girl

Recreating one of National Geographic’s Best

Congo is recreating one of the most famous photographs ever taken. The photograph, taken by Steve McCurry, depicts the haunted green eyes of a 12 year old refugee in a camp on the Afghanistan-Pakastan border. This photo was featured on the cover of National geographic in June 1985. The girl’s piercing green eyes, shocked with…

zebra dog costume

Out Of Africa

Petey looks very good in stripes, maybe he should consider being a zebra full time! (Submitted by Ashleigh)

Frankenweeniw costume

Back to Life, with Monstrous Consequences

Muahahahahaha! After some crazy mad science, Congo is back. He might be a bit smelly and slightly decomposed, but he's still the good loyal friend that he's always been. (Submitted by Paula)

baseball season, red sox, fantasy baseball, yahoo, dog, chicago, black lab

Red Sox Fan

Sperry has his his picks in for fantasy baseball, he's pretty stoked about it.   (Submitted by Christine)

dog goggles, doggles, lab, black dog

Doggle Vision

Simon Potter LOVES his doggles!!  Not really...   (Submitted by Molly)