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Proud Pup

Your Dogs in Our Duds

Here are some more dogs from our appearance at Woofstock this year! There are still more to come, we had over 100 bandanas!

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

Our Woofstock Fans!

We had such a fantastic time at Woofstock this weekend! I think I petted over 500 dogs, it was the best! Here are some of the bandana pics that I took over the weekend. I have lots more so don't worry if your poodle isn't here, I'll be posting all week :)


Ready for the Races

Topaz is keeping the fashionable poodle image alive in her speedway wear! (Submitted by Nan)

pirate costume, dog costume

Ye Old First Mate!

With a bird in his cap and a hook in his hand, Tank is ready to board ship as first mate! (Submitted by Debra)

poodle Schnauzer cross, mixed breed Schnauzer Poodle

Hey there Ruby Cookie!

With hot pink hair and a tu-tu to match! (Submitted by Courtney)

Elvis, Reincarnated

Brando is just a hunka hunka burning love. (Submitted by Margoth)

Tex Loves to Ride in the Sidecar

Tex is ready to ride.

A Poodle In Tokyo

Japan loves Dogs In Duds! (more…)

He’s getting ready to RIDE!

Wookiee Valentine in his motorcycle outfit.