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Bad to the bone

His Name is Tater but He’s No Tot

Looking like a badass while he talks to his mommy using a headset. (Submitted by Courtney)

Pics 152

1 More Week, we’re going Loco

Loco is the cutest thing under this Christmas tree, look at that face! (Submitted by Erin)

The walking dead

Twinkie Really Hates Zombies

And so do I. Get him Boy! (Submitted by Sasha)

St. Bernard costume

Flying in to Help

A fitting costume for a St. Bernard! Snowplow is wearing his stars and stripes airplane costume in honour of the men and women currently serving for the Unites States of America. (Submitted by Joan)

Golden retreiver picture

The Fairy Dogmother

Maddi will turn that pumpkin into a coach, just for you Cinderella. (Submitted by Mar)

jack russel terrier balloons


Sunday is dressed up as Carl from up! Hopefully she doesn't float too far away. (Submitted by Hilary)

firefighter costume, dog costume

Guiness the fire dog

Every fire house needs a good pal to help! (Submitted by Terri)

i love lucy, lucile ball

I Love Lucy

Kiwi has just reminded me of my favourite Lucy skit! Too cute. (Submitted by Janet)


Casting spells

Cha Cha the witchy Chihuahua is a crafty little thing. (Submitted by Connie)