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mary poppins costume

Mary Puppins

Golden retrievers Phoenix and Aladdin are dressed as Mary Puppins and Bert, the chimney sweep. They are "practically perfect in every way"! They have gone to the roof-top to "step in time", where Bert, covered with soot, is perched on a chimney with his sweeper over his shoulder. Mary is holding on to her parrot…

Frankenweeniw costume

Back to Life, with Monstrous Consequences

Muahahahahaha! After some crazy mad science, Congo is back. He might be a bit smelly and slightly decomposed, but he's still the good loyal friend that he's always been. (Submitted by Paula)


Santa’s Bad Little Helper

Casey tried to help me wrap today... mostly, she just got in the way. Merry Christmas to everyone from Dogs in Duds!! I hope you are having a great time surrounded by the people and pets that mean the most to you this holiday season. Love Vittoria, Jamie and Casey.

sheltland sheepdog christmas

A Very Lola Christmas

Lola looks very proud of her velvety Christmas dress and place under the tree. (Submitted by Lisa)

christmas stockings

Waiting For Santa

It looks like Molly and Mojo are having a hard time staying awake, while Calvin is already looking for his nip! (Submitted by Jordan)

dog clothing

Ready for High Tea

Little miss. Missy the Red Boston Terrier looks very prim and proper. Perfect for teat time! (Submitted by Debbie)

St. Bernard costume

Flying in to Help

A fitting costume for a St. Bernard! Snowplow is wearing his stars and stripes airplane costume in honour of the men and women currently serving for the Unites States of America. (Submitted by Joan)

jack russel terrier balloons


Sunday is dressed up as Carl from up! Hopefully she doesn't float too far away. (Submitted by Hilary)

long haired chihuahua

What sound does an elephant make?

Woof?... I think Blake the elephant MIGHT be an imposter.   (Submitted by Rochelle)