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PUPkin Spiced Latte

Whinnie was a PUPkin Spiced Latte for Halloween Whinnie patiently waiting on the counter for her Birthday Cake Thanks to Trixia for sending over these super cute pics! Name: Whinnie, 3.5 y/o Gender: Female Breed: Yorkie Chihuahua mix

Easy Rider


Rubin is ready to ride in his stylish cap and doggles. (Submitted by Karla)


Good Things Come in All Sizes

Izzy and Dozer may be an odd couple, but sometimes opposites attract! (Submitted by Teela)

Cute yorkie wearing a dress

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

Izzy is showing off her pumpkin carving skills with this self-portrait. (Submitted by Teela)

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Go Yankees!

Cosmo just might be the littlest Yankee fan in the world. (Submitted by Leslie)

yorkie, zz top, beard, dog beard, hat

ZZ Top Dog

The Sarg dressed as his favorite band. (Submitted by Bryan)

In a Bed of Roses

Sugar cookie is just as adorable as her name. (Submitted by Yvette)

The Littlest Soldier

Mojito standing his ground. (Submitted by Vahansa)

Santa’s Number One Fan

According to Santa, Bella has been a good girl this year. He probably has a loose definition of "good".