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der Pug ist Deutsch

Chloe can't wait for Octoberfest! She is already dressing up in her lederhosen.   (Submitted by Sonja)

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Hey there Ruby Cookie!

With hot pink hair and a tu-tu to match! (Submitted by Courtney)

fourth of july, fireworks, BBQ, dog costume, funny dogs, funny pictures

Stars and Stripes: Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence day to my American friends! (Submitted by Kathryn)

roxy, pug, police dog, police pug, pug security guard, security guard dog costume

Pug Patrol

Deputy Roxanne reporting for duty. (Submitted by Hayley)

American Eskimo, contest, photo contest, American Eskimo puppies, American Eskimo breeder

Butterfly Kisses

Kasper may be disguised as a summer butterfly, but he isn't fooling anybody! (Submitted by Rita)

gardening, dog gardening, summer contest, photo contest, mastiff, neo mestiff, dog contest, samsung galaxy 2 tab

Thyme to Garden

Rufio's ready to dig and plant, but mostly, he wants to dig. (Submitted by Kathryn)

waldo dog costume, where's waldo books, where's waldo dog, Manchester Terrier

Where’s Waldo?

Darby and her family are much easier to find here than in a Where's Waldo book. (Submitted by Marlene)

neo mastiff, bull mastiff, dog halloween costume, witch costume, dog witch costume

I’ll get you my pretty

And your little dog too! Rufio is such a mean witch. (Submitted by Kathryn)

basset hound, birthday, dog birthday, hat

Happy Birthday Roscoe!

He's such a party animal. (Submitted by Christine)