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All Work and No Play

Max is ready for the office. I guess this provides a whole new definition to the term working dog. (Submitted by John)

dog glasses, dog wearing glasses

Hey there Four Eyes

Tass looks pretty badass in his glasses.   (Submitted by Victoria)

daniellesphone 077

Hangin’ Tough

Pooshu is the new kid on the block.   (Submitted by Barry)

dawg dog hood gangster dog dog hoodie

Yo Dawg


dog goggles, doggles, lab, black dog

Doggle Vision

Simon Potter LOVES his doggles!!  Not really...   (Submitted by Molly)

red healer dog, red healer, aultralian cattle dog

Strum Bum The Ski Bum

Hittin' the slopes before it gets too melty. (Submitted by Hunter)

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Paige is off to France

Ah, bonjour monsieur. Voulez vous un biscuit? (Submitted by Betsy)