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William Takes To The Sky

Robyn Rose sent over this great picture of William, her Toy Chihuahua.


Lulu The Awesome English Bulldog

Thanks Jacki for sending us this great picture!


PUPkin Spiced Latte

Whinnie was a PUPkin Spiced Latte for Halloween Whinnie patiently waiting on the counter for her Birthday Cake Thanks to Trixia for sending over these super cute pics! Name: Whinnie, 3.5 y/o Gender: Female Breed: Yorkie Chihuahua mix

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

Our Woofstock Fans!

We had such a fantastic time at Woofstock this weekend! I think I petted over 500 dogs, it was the best! Here are some of the bandana pics that I took over the weekend. I have lots more so don't worry if your poodle isn't here, I'll be posting all week :)

I had these glasses before it was cool

Labs are so Mainstream

Congo is considering changing his breed, you know, to something you've probably never heard of. (Submitted by Paula)

mary poppins costume

Mary Puppins

Golden retrievers Phoenix and Aladdin are dressed as Mary Puppins and Bert, the chimney sweep. They are "practically perfect in every way"! They have gone to the roof-top to "step in time", where Bert, covered with soot, is perched on a chimney with his sweeper over his shoulder. Mary is holding on to her parrot…

zebra dog costume

Out Of Africa

Petey looks very good in stripes, maybe he should consider being a zebra full time! (Submitted by Ashleigh)

a great dane next to a minature pony

Just a Couple Stallions

Dozer and his miniature pony friend having a good time at the farm. (Submitted by Teela)


Good Things Come in All Sizes

Izzy and Dozer may be an odd couple, but sometimes opposites attract! (Submitted by Teela)