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PUPkin Spiced Latte

Whinnie was a PUPkin Spiced Latte for Halloween Whinnie patiently waiting on the counter for her Birthday Cake Thanks to Trixia for sending over these super cute pics! Name: Whinnie, 3.5 y/o Gender: Female Breed: Yorkie Chihuahua mix

Magic School Bus

Ollie Aboard!

All aboard the Magic School Bus! Ollie is waiting. (Submitted by Amy)

Happy Swimmer

Water Wings

Molly is as happy as her floaties! (Submitted by Emily)


Sweet Shades

Molly is cool and she knows it. (Submitted by Emily) Don’t forget to like, share, tweet, stumble and pin to vote for Molly for our summer contest!

Safety First!

Boating Adventures

Molly loves summer activities, especially the ones that involve water! (Submitted by Emily) Don’t forget to like, share, tweet and pin to vote for Molly for our summer contest!

Proud Pup

Your Dogs in Our Duds

Here are some more dogs from our appearance at Woofstock this year! There are still more to come, we had over 100 bandanas!

Big eyed beauty

More of Our Friends in Bandanas

Here are some more pictures of the dogs that wore our bandanas at Woofstock! If one of these pooches is yours please let us know, we will e-mail you the pictures!

Nothing like a hot bath

Rub a Dub Dub

Buddy is so cute in his bubble bath costume! Complete with shower cap, because you've gotta keep the hair dry. (Submitted by Alison)  

patriot costume

The Patriot

London is very patriotic in her Uncle Sam costume. (Submitted by Mary)