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Guiness the fire dog

firefighter costume, dog costume

Every fire house needs a good pal to help!

(Submitted by Terri)

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I Love Lucy

i love lucy, lucile ball

Kiwi has just reminded me of my favourite Lucy skit! Too cute.

(Submitted by Janet)

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Casting spells

Cha Cha the witchy Chihuahua is a crafty little thing.

(Submitted by Connie)

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Headless Dogs of the 1700′s

execution dog photo

Aladdin and Phoenix, as the ghosts of the Luminous Lady and the Gray Gentleman.

This young couple was courting back in the 1700′s, but their parents did not approve. They agreed to sneak off one night late in October and elope. They decided to meet by the waterfall at midnight. When the Lady got there, however, the Gentleman told her he had changed his mind. The Lady became enraged and pushed the gentleman away from her. He began to lose his balance and grabbed onto the Lady, and they both toppled into the waterfall and they drowned in the strong currents. To this day, the Lady is always spotted glowing with rage every All Hallow’s Eve, and so her ghost is called the Luminous Lady. Every year at midnight the Lady becomes so angry with the Gentleman for pulling her into the water that she takes out a sword and swipes off his head. The Gray Gentleman then carries his head until the following evening, when he is able to reattach it.

(Submitted by Beth and Bonnie)

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Who doesn’t love to clown around??

clown costume, dog paint, halloween

I’ve seen dogs fetch, but I’ve never seen one juggle. Maybe Dozer could give it a shot.

(Submitted by Teela)

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